Groups are designed to build deeper relationships & take us further on our faith journey.

If you haven’t yet joined a Group, we have a Group every second Wednesday 7pm that includes dinner and paid babysitting organised.

This is first choice for lots of people and we make room for every one to connect in a smaller group of 5-6. There is no need to RSVP, though it can help with catering 

Connect Groups near you
In 2020, we are also starting new neighbourhood groups near you. Coming March

Discipleship explained
A typical week for everyone at Life Church
1. Sit together on a Sunday
2. Eat together during the week
3. Examine the Word of God together, based on questions in the study guide below
4. Discuss your next steps & pray for any needs among your friends and family

View 2019 Study Guide
^ Online version automatically updates

Resources for Each Theme
1. Prayer & Fasting – Jan
2. Leadership – Feb
3. Discipleship – March
4. Evangelism – April
*Easter Resources
5. Baptism & Communion – May
6. The Holy Spirit – June
7. Operating in Faith – July
8. Finances and Generosity – August
9. Sex, Love & Relationships – September
10. Healing – October
11. Praise & Worship – November
12. Fellowship & Partnership – December
*Christmas Resources